Systemic family therapy does not only give importance to the reasons for a problem but also – or maybe even more – to the idea that through therapy, we learn to trust again that our personal capacities can and will help us cope with a problematic situation. The focus lies on learning that we are not only observers of our life but that we are capable to adopt an active and positive attitude towards our existence.

Through systemic family perspective, we realize that human beings are parts of different systems. We are parts of a family, of a relationship, of a community. We are members of a school, of our work and members of the society. These systems interact and influence each other but they also change in order to develop. In the same way, during the therapeutic process, we learn to understand that change is a necessary and healthful way of self development and that we have the potential to change our life in the direction that we would like.

Psychotherapy means that we try to cooperate with each other. We try to create a place of safety and trust and to strengthen hope that allows you to become aware of your capacities to deal with your issues. In therapy we try to reach a point of improved self esteem, a place that offers you different ways to deal with your issues, and an amelioration of your personal and professional relationships. Another important goal in therapy is self reflection which allows as to discover useful capacities in ourselves showing you that we are human beings having the necessary tools to bring their life in balance, reconcile with painful experiences and learn that there can be also new ways of answering the challenges of life.

Information about therapy:

Therapy can be offered in German, Spanish, English and Greek. If you would like to have a therapy session in the Mödling area please contact me to make an appointment.

Counselling via skype can be given to persons living at a  great distance from my office, to  persons living abroad and to persons with mobile difficulties.

In case of health problems, I also offer home visits.

The duration of the sessions depends on the needs of the client and the severity of the problem. Therapy is usually given once a week.

  1. Individual therap(50 Minutes): I regain confidence in myself and my life.
  2. Couple therapy (90 Minutes): We learn to communicate, to express our needs and to discover what we need from each other.
  3. Family therapy (90 Minutes): Mama, Papa, I want you to understand me: Together we create a new language that helps in the comprehension and the solution of the problems and allows a relationship of understanding and cooperation between its members.